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Retirement Speeches

Sample retirement speeches and useful tips and tricks

If you are looking for an easy way to get pre-written retirement speeches, you've reached the right place. speeches4u.com has a great collection of speeches for all occasions. If the onus of making the retirement speech is on you, stop groaning at the idea of laboring with your speech. Get a head start with invaluable tips and tricks from our resources.

Whether you are retiring yourself or raising a toast to someone who has been a colleague for all these years, you'll find appropriate retirement speeches, fit for the occasion here. It's often the case with retirement speeches that they tend to get drawn-out and rambling in view of the fact that so much needs to be said for all the experience that one has accumulated. Acknowledging these factors while giving that memorable retirement speech is a great balancing act. speeches4u recognizes the difficulties and has taken care to post retirement speeches which you would appreciate.

For those who want to be original about their retirement speeches, we have a host of resources to help you out.

  • how to write a speech - This section provides a step-by-step, easy-to-learn approach to writing retirement speeches.
  • jokes and poems - A retirement doesn't have to be doleful. Choose appropriate jokes and poems to make a lasting impression.
  • famous speeches - Analyze the speeches of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill.
  • sample speeches - Get your ideas for retirement speeches here.
  • presentation skills - The ultimate key to effective speaking lies here.

If you are given to make a retirement speech for the retiring colleague or teacher or senior, give him a glowing tribute with speech ideas from speeches4u.

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