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Funny Speeches

Heal with the power of humor... funny speeches galore

One is never too busy to have a good laugh. And if anybody still feels he/she hasn't the time for such humor... the person absolutely must laugh to regain sanity. Take some time out to read some funny speeches by notable humorists. You'll get more than an idea or two about how to go about writing funny speeches if you ever need to give them.

speeches4u is a complete online speech resource. Funny speeches, motivational speeches, inspirational speeches - get the whole lot of them under one roof. Become our member to browse through a riot of funny speeches whenever you want. Other than a fantastic collection of funny speeches, this is how we propose to help you become a more confident and powerful public speaker:

  • how to write a speech - This section provides a step-by-step, easy-to-learn approach to writing funny speeches.
  • jokes and poems - A comprehensive resource for jokes and poems to add value to funny speeches.
  • famous speeches - The art of making speeches is best demonstrated by the speeches of the greatest orators of all times. This section analyses the speeches of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill.
  • presentation skills - Don the right attitude while giving that speech. This section will show you how.

We have a special offer for all who visit our site. We offer you the Public Speaking 101, which is free to download . It's got everything to prime you for any kind of speech you are likely to make in your life. It's also a preliminary look into all that's in store for our members.

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